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A new sports travel magazine comes up

Ask-teleVision had produced a series of contributions for about “Adventure, Sport and Culture” for DSF (today Sport1) up to 2002. During the collaboration with the DSF, askTeleVision also developed the new series “Golf Tours”, which presented golf courses and their special features to the viewer.
“Golf Tours” was first seen as “Golf trips” and later as “Golf in …” on DSF.

Initially, the program was primarily dedicated to the special features of the golf courses and the associated hotels and resorts. AskTeleVision has continuously developed to a travel format over the years.

The series is now on the air under the title sky Golf-Tours and has established itself as a golf travel magazine on the German speaking market. The golf travel magazine presents the viewer golf travel destinations worldwide, selected hotels & resorts as well as regional and cultural characteristics of the respective country.

Golf-Tours became one of the most important shows on Sky Sport’s program since 2009, and is broadcasted across the entire German-speaking market and can boast a remarkable broadcast rate with more than 1,500 programs per year.

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